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15-Jan-2015 02:33

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To actually do the artwork for my own stick and some minor modifications would be cool, but I would be willing to pay a service that does a good job at a good price.The difference between using a standard controller and the EX2 is night and day as far as what I am able to accomplish play wise.

I am not artistically gifted in that manner, but it would be interesting to see what I could come up with given some time and practice.Aztecan BEMA BMW BP BSTJ BTL BTU Babcock Babel Babylon Babylonian Rose Daddy Sam Sweet Yellow Site Ford Nfl Wild Crazy 4444 Open Mine Playboy 247 Fei-yin Feil Feild Feisal Feist Feitel Feith Feiwen Fekade Fekri Felczak Feld Feldberg Field Fielden Fielding Fields Fieldsup Fierthal Fiest Fifi Fifield Fifine Figura Fijohn Fikis .