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Whether you purchase high-end, museum-quality examples, or you delight in a doll which survived some dings and chips, collecting china head dolls means entering in a world of history, fashion and fairytales.China head dolls are those dolls with head, neck, and shoulders (also called shoulder plates) made from china.The time period became associated with this style of doll and many dealers use the term to refer to these wigged dolls from the previously mentioned dates.Hairstyles may give a hint about who the doll may represents, or when she may have been popular, but doll manufacturers might used a head mold for years, even after the hairstyle was out of date.China is made from a mixture of clay and minerals mixed with water, molded or shaped and then baked at high temperatures.China provides the base for both porcelian and bisque/parian, as both Knowledge Nuts and the Childhood Playthings exhibit explain; the small differences are what brought about the separate names.China was first made in the East, where the process was secret, according to Global Times newspaper.

China was imported from the East to Europe, until the secret of porcelain making was revealed, and Germany started to produce fine china in its own factories.

By the first part of the 19th centuries, china head dolls were claiming their place in the home.

As china manufacturing methods became more dependable, china head dolls started to fully enter the market by the 1830s according to Collectors Weekly. In Europe, dolls china factories began to turn out dolls resembling the young Queen Victoria after she took the throne.

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