Advantages of consolidating exhibit houses

09-Dec-2015 12:55

A hands-on managerial staff and multi ethnic human resource helps to comprehend local culture sensitivities and adapt to market conditions."Customer consultants" teams regularly survey and update client needs.Quick alternate solutions to entry barriers in new market and business development solutions like investing logistics, improving distribution system, customising products/packaging to cater the special requirements of local community/customers are adapted.

Centralised procurement through its metro buying group (MBG) helps metro to take the advantages in price negotiation worldwide.

Besides it chalks out a city-by-city investment plan in a cluster approach or in a cluster approach to maintain synergies in buying, logistics and relationships.

Metros mode of centralized sourcing as well as wholly owned subsidiaries in neighbouring markets in Asia and Europe; and the cost advantage that comes from bridging supplier markets with direct sourcing would continue to give Metro an advantageous position in emerging markets.

Imported food was a luxury and restriction in interprovincial trades made movement of such good difficult in interiors.

There were problems in transportation, logistics and China was only beginning to open up to foreign companies.Decisions like setting up a regional structure to bring management closer to business in different countries, is very helpful in further expansion.

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