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The upper outfit is a medium blue jacket with gold trim and white collar and sleeves, worn open over a dark cyan or teal t-shirt.

Ash kept his Kanto, Orange League, and Johto Badges pinned to the inside of the jacket, which from time to time, would be taken off by him, most notably when his Pokémon need warmth.

In the Pokémon anime, while the main characters will generally wear a single outfit for several seasons, they have changed outfits from time to time.

At the start of a new series, characters continuing on will change their main outfit entirely.

All of his new clothes, however, bear a notable resemblance to his old clothes, probably to maintain his style and avoid confusion which would be caused by a completely new appearance.

This becomes a common theme among all new outfits: the new ones take on the style on the former outfits. Ash has worn this outfit in more different series than any other, wearing it during three different series.

The only part of the outfit with a known story behind it is the hat, which he won from a contest from the Pokémon League.

He has a green backpack with a yellow square label and slings with black adjusters on it. In the teaser trailer and poster for M20, Ash is seen wearing a similar outfit to the original series outfit, with the only difference being the logo on Ash's hat; it is closer in appearance to the logo on his Sun & Moon series hat instead of his Indigo League hat.Instead of blue jeans, Ash starts to wear black baggy jeans and wears a hooded jacket just like in AG, colored mostly blue and white along with a yellow zipper. Ash's outfit possessed some similarities to the outfit worn by Calem from the games, with some differences.He wears black finger-less gloves but the border is red. Ash uses a backpack instead of a satchel, like his Best Wishes outfit.Outfit changes are now accepted as routine if and when the anime changes sagas.

As with his previous outfit, this one displayed some similarities to the outfit worn by Hilbert from Pokémon Black and White, with the main differences being the clothing shades, it having a yellow zipper, the coat being nearly all zipped up instead of being partially open nearing the bottom, it lacking a satchel and the hat, which resembles the one from the original series.This is a list of the different clothing and outfits worn by the main characters.