Apolo ohno dating anyone

25-Feb-2017 02:11

but that's what happens when you leave the voting in the hands of the moronic, uneducated public who vote for people like that buffoonish football player over Apolo. I think Apolo and Karina WILL make it to the finals.

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While I realize I am using DWTS as a reference point but she is right, there does seem to be something very off-putting about Apolo this season.

id=100001446957079&v=photos&sb=4another picture of her that is on FB

id=658279534Below are posts that were made from this link Be happy but he just needs to be careful thoughabout 2 weeks ago · Report I don't know any of the people that are on this discussion group but the stories tie in with other things i heard from people that did not even see what i posted here.

uid=105299067674&topic=15661Athena Mia Parkerhello all, this is the info i was given on the pretty asian girl, she is vietnamese, i'm assuming she is from utah since they went to her sister's wedding when apolo was in utah that week he was sick, they have been dating for quite awhile, i guess you would have to considering how guys do not like to attend weddings, lol..yes, she was with him at that dinner in KTown, (the pic with the blurred face), i was also told they have been writing about them in japanese newspapers, so if read japanese, you might want to google that, the photo in question was taken when he was an honoree at the Life Changing Lives event, they have a facebook page, i "liked" the page back when i found out apolo was being honored, so a few weeks later the pic appeared, i then pasted on apolo's fan page, it is however, the only pic i have been able to find...however, if you go to one of those pics of him from Stand Up To Cancer, one of the full bofy pics, as someone pointed out to me, there is an asain girl who resembles the girl standing behind him with another lady, that pic to is on his fan page, if i find anything out, i will post, take care.....athenaabout a month ago · Report Athena Mia Parkerhi alldavid tran posted this info on apolo and her pic under photos....

David Tran -- Sorry you guys this is his girlfriend her name is Noi Konesavanh and she lives in Utah she is Laos and is a very nice girl they have been dating for almost a year I believe.....about a month a Athena Mia Parker POSTED BY DAVID TRANDavid Tran So sick of reading girls cry bout if apolo is dating someone....he's dating a utah girl name noi konesavanh they met threw a family friend she has a daughter and they have been dating for sometime.. #surf #maui #hawaii #Hang Loose #hana,” the 32-year-old former short track speed skating star wrote on Instagram the next day with a video.