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It takes a lot of persuasion especially for the first time.

The prowling may be foiled due to wrong footing, which may wake up the whole family.

They intruder may get chased away with hot water splashed on him, or be thrown out of the window.

Strict parents chase the intruder or threaten him with marriage or a stick while liberal ones pretend to be asleep even if they know the prowler is around.

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With new metal latches and locks in many houses, it is difficult for young boys now to get into the house.The current discourse and understanding of Bomena, according to the author, are naïve, biased and misrepresented, heavily influenced by changing values especially among the urban societies.One common notion is that any rural culture is ‘inferior’ and all urban cultures are ‘superior’, and replacing the rural culture with urban ‘superior’ culture is seen as a way of emancipating the Bhutanese farmers from their ‘primitive’ culture, and advancing the country.This is fast replacing a more liberal and relaxed tantric Buddhist attitude to sex which was prevalent in Bhutan.

In the book “Love, Courtship and Marriage in Rural Bhutan” (2009; ISBN 978-99936-23-15-1) by Dorji Penjore, the Centre for Bhutan Studies, discusses night hunting.

The prowler must know pretty well where the girl sleeps in order to find the right bed.

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