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She runs into an old classmate with a badly-behaved child, which adds to her anxiety about parenting, but she is relieved when she begins menstruating.Maggie ends the relationship with Billy, and returns home.At Milo's invitation, their mother (Gleason) makes a surprise visit.Maggie asks Milo if she'd be a good mother, and Milo honestly replies that she'd be overprotective and uptight, which upsets her; he later apologizes, joking that the reason he said that was his concern about her "morbid obesity." Maggie later confesses to Milo that she's been taking birth control pills, both to avoid having a child with Lance and because she's been sleeping with the instructors of all the classes she's been taking.Having played husband and wife in Adventureland, former Saturday Night Live co-stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are reuniting to play brother and sister, as that is just the sort of sick, perverted, Hollyweird liberal sex dungeon we live in now.Variety reports that Hader and Wiig will star in The Skeleton Twins, a title with which there is only one thing wrong: It does concern twins—albeit twins with appropriate skin and musculature—who have drifted apart, but find themselves reunited after they each cheat death on the same day, inspiring them to embark on soul-searching missions to reconnect with past loves and eventually with each other.

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The film closes with the twins at Milo's home, looking at his fish tank full of goldfish.

In other words, it's exactly like the Danny De Vito/Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Twins, albeit with Luke Wilson playing Wiig's sweet "frat boy" of a husband, Hader playing a gay man who seeks out his former lover, and the complete lack of the inherent hilarity of a large Austrian brontosaurus being twins with a short, bald Italian man.

Hopefully it will still find other ways to be funny.

Maggie asks for reassurance that he won't kill himself, and he promises to try not to.

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Maggie and Milo spend Halloween together, and reminisce about their father's death.Maggie had exposed their sexual relationship, ending Rich's teaching career.

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