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03-Jan-2017 13:01

Unsure how this would go, I began formulating thoughtful questions and potential direction. Blending is of interest to me as a Certified Tea Blender myself.David is what one would describe, as an excellent storyteller.He recounted how he found himself, as distribution manager, surrounded by bales of leaves, and created a new future for himself as manager and blender.His tea journey has taken him all over the world and earned him the position of honorary tea ambassador for pure Ceylon tea in the United States and Canada; this keeps him quite busy.He mentioned the aspect of “feeling intimate with ingredients and how they work together” as well as maintaining an “artisan focus, being on the edge and doing something different.” As a tea blender, these are experiences I could relate to and many I have felt myself.Our conversation also touched upon the socially responsible efforts he helped to develop, being utilized by the company to give back to the people who work diligently to provide the brew we all enjoy.Caring Cup, a group of programs that cares for orphans, provides educational programs and much-needed supplies to families in a variety of countries, a few being Sri Lanka, Kenya, Darjeeling and others.In our conversation, David also mentioned his accomplishments as an author.

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Whether you signed up on a lark or maintained an active profile for several years, your online dating profile can be lurking around long after you’ve cancelled the account.Actually, the screenshots of the app are the same and the app themselves are exactly the same.If you download both apps and sign in both, it actually tells you in one that you have already been signed in the other.As a testament to the blender, I could detect both main ingredients with equally matched notes in the cup.

The earthy sweetness of the ginseng was a lovely accompaniment of the peppermint and smoothed out the peppermint bite.

He shared, with a distinct passion the process as “not a mechanical, but a spiritual thing, if you are not in the mood…” He spoke about the environment and how it affects tasting things.