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For example, if a scientist reported that an organism had lived thirty thousand years ago, I both consciously and subconsciously refused to accept the validity of the report because I felt that thirty thousand years was not in the realm of possibility for something associated with Earth.

Looking back, I now realize that my skepticism came from two sources: (1) what I had been taught about the creation stages as given in Genesis and (2) the fact that I unwittingly accepted the Christian doctrine of creation ex nihilo—the world was created out of nothing.

To the extent they do correlate positively, readers, scholars, critics, and even blasphemers of the Book of Mormon should pay attention to the potential credibility of the Book of Mormon based on radiocarbon-dating outcomes in Mesoamerica.[1] In addition, anyone who proposes a Mesoamerica model for Book of Mormon geography should let radiocarbon dating from Mesoamerica help determine the locations of geographic landmarks.

From the perspective of the credibility of the Book of Mormon, radiocarbon dating (also called carbon-14 dating) is clearly one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the twentieth century.

Today, most scholars who attempt to identify the New World lands of the Book of Mormon select Mesoamerica as the location of all New World Book of Mormon events.

But does the quite precise dating of Book of Mormon events in the record itself correlate positively with dating from the archaeological and historical records of Mesoamerica?

As an example of that fact, one source reports the following: of 30 radiocarbon years.

In fact, my Catholic catechism taught me as follows: “What is God?

The process, called radiocarbon dating, has altered the study of archaeology forever.

Today, all archaeologists, including those working at sites in Mesoamerica, routinely apply the techniques of radiocarbon dating as they examine evidence from archaeological digs in the form of such things as charcoal, wood, seeds, bones, leather, mud and sediment, pollen, hair, pottery, wall paintings, textiles, fish remains, insect remains, antlers, and so forth in determining dates associated with a particular archaeological site.[3]Is radiocarbon dating foolproof and infallible? The process has many limitations, but it is continually being refined.

In general, most of the dates in the Book of Mormon for the Nephite culture are very precise, enabling readers to glance at the bottom of the page to see the BC and AD dates associated with the content of the page.

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And when we examine Mormon’s careful attention to the calendar, we can almost feel the process he went through of examining a year’s worth of records from the Large Plates and then deciding what to include from that year in his abridged record.

Another 5,730 years elapse to decay half of the remaining half of carbon 14—and so on to infinity.