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23-Jun-2015 07:30

Ive had a peak inside the different parts of your fabulous mod and I think adding pokemon is definitely the easier part, as if they spawn where all else do it's mainly copy paste the process. I need to be explained to only once and I tend to get it and hopefully I can help out. This will be different next release, should be able to load up old worlds and have pokemon spawn. This seems to be a good place to learn to model and the standard has been very high but these modellers are always keen to help out so hope you have fun Hey everyone, just a quick update on my models- I've given up on the Sandshrew line.

I tried several things, but I could not get the eyes to work without it looking really weird or having bits sticking out.

The model is pretty good though, but I think you should do something in Kanto (or hoenn since those are the best regions ) like nidoran male and female.

I cant swear on the forums, so I will just say 'bugger Unova'.

The model is pretty good though, but I think you should do something in Kanto (or hoenn since those are the best regions ) like nidoran male and female. When I next retrieve my pokemon, it takes no fall damage but plays the sound for being hurt and goes red (like when things get hurt) 2.^^ Thread// I propose a vote, which Eeveelution is most wanted here?-Jolteon: - -Flareon: - -Vaporeon: - -Espeon: - I'll leave the last two off since they require much more special conditions to evolve than the others.When you scroll your browser or click the page, the gif will start animating again.

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