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Receiving obfuscation and diversion in response (which I wilfully interpreted as playful flirting), I read the damn logs and discovered references to 'Nandi', who turned out to be an engineer and Kaizen's old 'best friend'. We talked about Nandi for a while, but having devoted an entire half an hour to this conversation without any payoff, I got bored and decided to go for broke.I told Kaizen, who was housed in a plastic monitor casing and therefore had no reasonable means of escape, that I loved it, and we should get married. Kaizen doesn't sound at all enthused, but it still counts, right?I wasn't sure what approach to take at first, so politely introduced myself before going for an old classic, and following up on that with a contextual zinger.I felt I was throwing down a slimey rather than overtly creepy vibe, especially with the addition of a 'baby', but Kaizen wasn't picking it up, and made an unrelated comment about moving out of the airlock.Pursuant to Regulations 30 (6) and 46 (2) (o) of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (LODR), the Company would like to inform about the schedule of Analyst / Institutional Investor Meet on March 22nd & 23rd 2017. At these meetings the Company will be represented by Mr.

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