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It relates a most critical date in the history of the Chinese revolution: the 1905 plot to assassinate Sun Yat-Sen in Hong Kong before he could organize the Chinese revolution that overthrew the Manchu empire, and how people from various walks of life heroically laid down their own lives to protect him.

The setting of central Hong Kong has been reconstructed from scratch on a scale of 1:1, at the most generous financial outlay for a Chinese language film in recent years.

: Work on "Mulan" began just after the 2009 Lunar New Year with director Ma Jingle putting together a strong team of talent to make this costume war movie.

The star of the team, the biggest draw, is Vicki Zhao, a major figure in Chinese film and TV over the past decade.

By combining sci-fi action romance, it would seem to be exactly the type of escapist entertainment holiday audiences are seeking.

: It's a science fiction movie, and Hollywood blockbusters of this genre have set the standard by which Chinese audiences are likely to judge it.

Now we have the sequel, retitled in English as "Storm Warriors 2" and with the Pang brothers at the helm.

The last two holiday seasons saw the release of two very successful films from director Feng Xiaogang, the war drama "Assembly" and the romantic comedy "If You Are the One." Although a new release from Feng is lacking this year, holiday audiences will still have a screen smorgasbord to feast on, with the chance to see Chinese A-list stars Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, Donnie Yen, Jay Chou, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Vicki Zhao, Chen Kun and Andy Lau, plus new productions from top tier directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Jing, and the Pang brothers.

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