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15-Feb-2016 06:18

Earlier this month, Tencent unveiled the first of its We Chat games, which are free, but also include special features that users can pay to obtain.

They are also reportedly developing an online payment service that will be released with upcoming versions of the app.

We Chat is free to download, free to use, and free of ads.

Indeed, for the first few months of its existence, a QQ account was the only method by which users could register for a We Chat account.

More recently, however, Tencent executives have, in an effort to diversify and internationalize We Chat’s user base, opened up new routes of registration, including Facebook, a Weibo account, or a phone number.

Tencent is most famous for creating QQ, an Internet instant messaging platform with nearly 800 million registered users.

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We Chat’s initial growth was fueled largely by QQ users.

Both of these moves will generate revenue, though whether they can translate We Chat’s fame into fortune remains to be seen.