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That is until the night Crew attempts to murder her in their family house.Traumatized, Brie is sent to a mental facility where she is tormented by hallucinations of Crew from the night of the attack.In The People Garden, the mysterious Sweetpea (Dree Hemingway) travels to Japan to break up with Jamie (Francois Arnaud), her rock star boyfriend who’s currently shooting a music video there with ’90s sex symbol Signe (Pamela Anderson).When she arrives, the production crew informs her that Jamie has gone missing and was last seen deep in the forest shooting the video.

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But when several of these talismans—which once belonged to a notorious mass murderer—find their way into the hands of unsuspecting residents of a small Southern town, it sets off a grisly wave of bloodshed.

When a group of college students takes part in an experimental drug study, an unexpected side effect gives them terrifying visions of their own murders… As they scramble to outsmart and outmaneuver their date with death, they realize that the killer is among them and shares their ability to see the future – only he seems to be one step ahead in their race to survive.