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It works really well and its the only good thing "Twelve" has to offer: its interesting characters. His monotone voice giving me useless background information that I didn't need to know and didn't give a fuck about.You watch the movie and your really dwelled up in whats going on but the movie ends to quickly and veiwers are left with many questions. The final conclusion doesn't really tie much together and thats what really kills "Twelve". I like how all the characters' stories intersect over the course of the night, but ultimately, this movie falls flat. Omggggg I didn't even watch it for that long, but it drove me insane.The best thing about this teenage drug drama is the character development.All of the characters in the film are taken and measured down to a key point to why their connected and supposed to be in the film.

The story follows Manhattan's elite teenage population and illustrates how even the wealthy aren't immune to the problems of the big city.

The title of the film refers to a new designer drug which the protagonist of the novel, White Mike, sells.

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