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"I was 18 and would scream at him, ‘I’M AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN!

’ Now, I love a man who opens a door for me and wants to carry my bag because it’s heavy.” She may be single at the moment but her time with father-of-two Cohen has got Lowe thinking about motherhood — she brings up babies twice during our conversation.

“I’m not ready yet but I’m really excited about having children at some stage.” She’s looking forward to some cosy domesticity after a summer of uncharacteristic hedonism. "Not to sound like a spoilt music brat, but generally the sound is so much better when you’re in the crowd. Florence and I both left with love-heart eyes for her.” Lowe’s epic festivalling of late is, she says, a response to the recent political upheaval.

“I’ve been at a festival every weekend since Glasto, which is quite shocking for me.” Recently, Lowe and Welch saw her latest musical obsession, Christine and the Queens. “I probably wouldn’t have gone out so much if that stuff wasn’t going on in the world.” She’s still coming to terms with her Brexitentialism. We were given the choice to vote, which I think is mad, actually, then there was no plan.

She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, the singer-songwriter turned textile and fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale, lead singer for Bush. She grew up in Primrose Hill, north London, and stayed with grandparents to continue her education at South Hampstead High School when her mother, Pearl Lowe, born to a British Ashkenazi Jewish[2] family moved to Hampshire.

"I look after myself a lot more these days and am having way more fun than I used to.” Lowe’s apparent reluctance to play hard is understandable.Daisy Lowe is trying to convince me that she’s not a party animal. ” she says, while polishing off her quinoa salad and reaching for a bread roll. But I don’t need anything to enhance the experience other than some green tea … "Like Glastonbury — I made sure I watched the sun come up on Monday morning.In September 2006, Lowe modelled for the Urban Outfitters catalogue, appeared in French Connection printed advertisements and was profiled in British Harper's Bazaar.

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She was featured in an editorial in Jane magazine alongside fellow model Lydia Hearst-Shaw in March 2007, appeared in Vogue Italia for the second time in May and, in August, posed nude on the cover of i-D magazine with her then-partner, Will Cameron of the band Blondelle, photographed by Terry Richardson.

She mistakenly thought that one parent must share her blood type and that Bronner could not be her father (based on a common misunderstanding of blood type inheritance).