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Today, it is the seat of government of the Nepalese republic established in 2008; and is part of the Bagmati Zone in Nepalese administrative geography.

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The structure collapsed during the major earthquake on 25 April 2015.

Nepali is the most spoken language in the city, while English is understood by the city's educated residents. This temple, also known as Maru Satal in the Newar language, was built in 1596 by Biseth in the period of King Laxmi Narsingh Malla.

The two-story structure was made entirely of wood, and used no iron nails nor supports.

"Die Hotelanlage ist eine grüne Oase mitten im lärmenden und dreckigen Kathmandu und nicht weit entfernt vom Flughafen.

Insgesamt haben wir eine Woche im Hyatt in Kathmandu verbracht und waren sehr zufrieden. Beim Essen ist für alle etwas dabei und...""I have been a many times in Nepal and Kathmandu. I am a responsible person for my family so till date I didn't get marry just work became my priority.