Dating an entrepreneur

13-Jan-2017 18:00

MW: A couple months ago I was speaking at NYU and I told the students I needed to find a girlfriend who was like my business partner and let me do whatever I wanted.Jared gives me the autonomy to go after my personal initiatives (even when he thinks they are a bad idea) but is there to keep my grounded as well.An entrepreneurs’ schedule can change at any minute, they can be pulled into client meetings, be confronted with crisis and have to pull all-nighters.

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Any relationship that needs a contractual obligation outside of marriage is ridiculous.

Testimonial: "I’m a very successful, busy Executive who travels a lot for work and doesn’t like to waste time. You can make more money, but you can’t buy more time! And that's exactly why I hired Suzanne, as my Matchmaker.

Online dating wasn't for me because quite honestly, I don't have time to search all the profiles and go through all the B. I needed her to find me women who met my standards and take care of setting up the dates.

Someone needs to have a Silicon Valley reality check.

Mark—honor your word if you want to keep this girl around and pay her some attention.The entrepreneur you are dating really may have intentions to spend time with you but may often has to break these commitments.