Dating games in app store

04-Dec-2015 15:46

Analyze if what they feel for you is real and if you are brave enough to reciprocate their affection.Choose the boss you will be working for and discover his hidden charm. ▲Choosing a boss is basically choosing a story line to pursue. ▲Make decisions and answer questions as you go along. ▲Want to change the boss in the middle of the story? Once ready, open the chapters of your gripping office romance.Will you successfully get your revenge, or will your confused heart prevail?Enter the world of this visual novel game as a character from a fantasy full of adventure and surprise.Whether you like the cool, reserved-lawyer-type like “Irving” or the hot yakuza heir, “Yoshimitsu,” you’ll have the chance to make a choice and join any of the guys on their action-packed quests against their enemies.You’re in for a lot of heartwarming adventure so get to know them well and choose your guy!

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However, your mind and plan are thrown awry unexpectedly by three "biseinen," or beautiful men.Take part in a bittersweet story that revolves around life, love, and revenge.