Dating human past culturally in ppt

16-Dec-2015 08:11

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Before the discovery of Monte Verde, the most popular and widely accepted theory was the overland route, which speculates that the first American inhabitants migrated from Asia across the Bering Strait and then spread throughout North America.

However, the early dates associated with Monte Verde appear to weaken this theory.

A twenty-foot-long tent-like structure of wood and animal hides was erected on the banks of the creek and was framed with logs and planks staked in the ground, making walls of poles covered with animal hides.

Using ropes made of local reeds, the hides were tied to the poles creating separate living quarters within the main structure.

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The Monte Verde radiocarbon dates precede 13,000 BP, despite the fact that before the glacial melt, the vast, desolate, icy landscape of much of the Americas could not possibly have permitted enough vegetation to sustain traveling people or herded animals.Outside the tent-like structure, two large hearths had been built for community usage, most probably for tool making and craftwork.

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