Dating me for money Sex hookups in beijing

22-May-2015 06:02

She would prefer you spend on other meaningful things as well; and she would never want her or people thinking she only cares about your money.

But the lady that’s in for the money wouldn’t care what other people think.4. A lady that wants a future with you would encourage you to go into meaningful investments; she would always want to know how well your business is doing or how well you are doing in your place of work.

But if she constantly complains only about her problems; run Mr run, run as fast as you can and make sure she doesn’t run with you else she would most definitely run you down.6.

GIVE HER YOUR CREDIT CARDI heard someone shout ‘’are you crazy? It’s better to spot a girl who loves only your money on time than give her your heart and later regret it; by then it would be too late.

But please brothers, before you do this it’s very important you heed to this warning; HOLD YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HANDS AND BE READY TO CALL YOUR BANKER JUST INCASE THINGS GET OUT OF HAND. IF SHE ALWAYS BRING FRIENDS ALONGThere is one funny trend I’ve noticed in ladies; if they don’t like you, they wouldn’t mind their friends lavishing your money as well; your cash becomes their ATM.

But if she’s into you, she would frown at your spending excessively on her friends, she would draw a boundary on what you give to her friends and she would get jealous if you are over-doing it.

A lady that loves the money would also want you to invest your money, but she would want you to invest it all on her.

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The men I want to address here are the opportunists. Suddenly, your phone rings and he asks, “Hey, what are you doing? Both of these are huge red flags that your guy is a user.

We have been taught to believe from an early age that men use women for sex. A man who is an opportunist loves a woman that has her shit together. Healthy relationships are build over time and with a solid foundation. She has a bold writing style and offers her insight on love, dating and relationships on Love and The Dating

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