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12-Jun-2015 03:43

Given the appalling living situations of some of my clients, I could appreciate why people often sought readmission to hospital.The rewards were seeing people gain confidence, feel better about themselves and have a better quality of life.Patients came to us; rarely did a staff member venture beyond the hospital walls to visit a patient.I recall that when our weekly social group was moved out of the hospital to a small community centre a block away, many of our patients experienced tremendous anxiety.Communal toothbrushes and clothing, crowded wards, toilet stalls with walls low enough that patients could be observed at all times, people lined up in the corridor to await their bath in a room with four tubs — and electroconvulsive therapy, with the frightening seizures that followed: this was a provincial psychiatric hospital in 1962, where I did my three-month rotation as a second-year nursing student.Witnessing the demeaning effects of this care, I decided I was not going to be a psychiatric nurse.Then, in 1964, while working the evening shift on a surgical unit of a large Toronto hospital, I had an encounter that changed my mind.A psychiatric patient was anxious about her surgery, which was booked for the next day.

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These programs were often employment related; the Toronto courier service A-Way Express, for example, has been around since 1987.I realized then that people can become institutionalized as much by the expectations of service providers as by four walls.