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24-Jan-2016 13:50

Of course, they still get to see a photo, just not the whole album.Paid members also enjoy some other privileges, like keeping their online status and who they have viewed private, they can also see who has viewed and/or favourited them and they can either boost or hide their profile in Lovestruck search.You can also immediately see, which members have been verified through that – not that it’s complete proof that they’re honest but as close as you can get in this modern world.You can obviously upload a photo – and we cannot advise doing that strongly enough – and if you’re a paid member, you can add and view multiple photos.

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Lovestruck profiles are both big and compact, there’s a lot of boxes to tick, a lot of stuff to write – not that it’s a complete must, but if you’re that type of a person who really likes to fill in every box, you’re going to need some time to get it all sorted.

The other is Lovestruck’s own little endeavour to get people out of the online dating world and into the real dating scene.