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30-Oct-2014 12:33

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Instead of approaching him you secretly dream about him asking for your number as you talk about him to your friends. The fact that my parents divorced only confirmed my opinion.

The only ring I'm looking for right now is the one the wine glass leaves. I'm chasing the "me" I need to be so that when I (and he) are ready to meet, it'll be everything we both dreamed it would be.

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Go with your gut, and remember we communicate more via actions than words. People with low self-esteem often have loose boundaries around time and communication.

Divorce may have taken away my happiness for a long while. And no matter what your situation is, there are always pros and cons.

It may have taken away the stability in my life -- not only financially but in so many other ways. I'm sure most other people would agree with my assessment of the single life.

It shows that have self-esteem and you’re strong enough to survive on your own without having to bow down to peer pressure and get into a relationship or marriage because that’s what society expects from you in your mid-20’s. Never make the first move Women are constantly told to wait for the guy to ask you out on a date and let him initiate the first kiss or sex.

These dating rules are old fashioned and don’t apply if you belong to the 21 century.

Fearing that you might just end up as a crazy cat lady, your friends, acquaintances and even random people you meet will offer a whole lot of unsolicited advice on how to find Mr Right.

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