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02-May-2015 06:51

They don't speak except for some breathing but they are just dialing random numbers and making random sounds.They have left voicemail s on my phone and have been calling for the last 25 minutes.They have HOUNDED me to death over the last few weeks and I want them to stop.

This box displays current version number, publication date, and the download button.Locating Your Downloads Folder On most Windows computers, you can locate the default downloads folder by looking in your Documents folder. For Windows 8 and 8.1 users, you can push the Windows button on your keyboard and then type in "FOXPRO Programmer" into the search field.If you cannot locate the Downloads folder, you may need to check the settings on your web browser to figure out where it is saving to. You should then see the icon for the utility and be able to click on it.By clicking on the "Browse Library" button, you can browse the sounds stored at that location.

In either case, you will clearly see the "Current Library Path" above the "Source Sound Files" column which shows where it expects to find new files.Your original sound library storage folder will remain unchanged.