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For this reason teachers must be patient and display a supportive attitude to students. There are, in essence, learning two languages, and the key to success is in distinguishing separate contexts for two languages.

As you learn a second language very often you’ll find yourself in a stupid situation. (People who learn second language in such separate context are referred to as One could refer to children who are acquiring a second language soon after they have begun to learn their first language(say at age 3 or 4), or as late as age 10.

Such an ego creates a sense of a defensiveness, fragility and raising of inhibitions.

Students that study a second language feel fragile because of the native language ego. Scientifically It is clear that children learning two languages simultaneously acquire them by the use of similar strategies.

They needed adult and peer relationships to sustain them while they were building new social relationships concurrent with new school and cultural competencies.

From this information gathering, teachers need strategies to adapt with particular students on how to build effective support systems and healthy activities in the new setting. Learning another language is not just a learning process, however, it is categorically complex because it refers to a life changing process.Whether or not the students had actually studied English as a foreign language in their home country seemed also of little relevance in this regard.Prior formal study of English was reported helpful when these same students engaged in reading and writing assignments at school.In this case we do well to remember that the first language can be facilitating factor, and not just an interfering factor.(Contrasting first and second language acquisition. Second language acquisition is the process by which people learn languages in addition to their native language.

The term second language is used to describe any language whose acquisition starts after early childhood (including what may be the third or subsequent language learned).They could describe their cultural experiences in both places as well as their attempts to cope with differences in schooling and living in general.