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Meanwhile, there are all the endlessly proliferating weblogs. By 2004 there were estimated to be some 4 million of them. John Mark Reynolds, a philosophy professor at Biola University who organized, this past October, the first religious blogger convention, Godblog Con , says that there are “literally millions” of religious bloggers, but that “if you’re talking about people who write for folk other than their immediate church family and their immediate community, there are a couple of thousand serious Godblogs.” It is a sign of the metastasizing of blogs that within a few months of the announcement of the convention, the Godblog Con website already had two blogs about the upcoming event.

Unlike the big corporate sites, Godblogs have smaller readerships, ranging anywhere from Fructus Ventris , a blog run by a midwife, which gets about 115 page-views a day, to Amy Welborn’s Open Book , which gets nearly twelve thousand.

He received over twenty-thousand well-wishing emails in a thirty-six-hour period.

This electronic outpouring of affection for the pope was fitting, since he had been something of an early proponent of the Internet.

Part tourist information booth, part Great Library, provides searchable access to important documents as well as information about nearly every aspect of the Church.

When John Paul II first began failing last March, published his email address.

Even diligent students of the papacy may be unfamiliar with the pontificates of Michael and Pius XIII.

Pope Pius XIII, born Earl Pulvermacher, was elevated on October 24, 1998, and currently takes Springdale, Washington, as his seat.Pius XIII’s website is even more elaborate, boasting a lengthy biography of the pope, a catalogue of his encyclicals, and extensive works on the catechism and other aspects of Church life, dating back to when Earl Pulvermacher was a mere Capuchin priest.In a simpler time, these two men might have been town eccentrics, doing no more than attracting the snickers of their neighbors.She's Buddhist, single, cute as a button, and loves dogs.

dharma Match - Where Spiritual Singles Meet dharma Match, a dating/matchmaking site for spiritual singles. Meet local singles who share your beliefs & values. Law firms, politicians, manufacturers, charities, elementary schools”one is hard-pressed to find an entity without a web appendage.