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18-Jan-2016 13:13

To be dating after divorce and looking forward to the future again is a really good goal to keep in mind. That said, it’s our firm belief that no-one is too busy to find lasting love.

If you're ready for your next relationship then you can get a great start by joining Elite Singles. Our handy dating apps – for both i OS and Android – are designed to help you find love on the go, whether it’s updating your profile, browsing your partner suggestions, or simply responding to messages.

Thousands of divorced singles have made a new start using our services; isn’t it about time you take back control and join them? Rest assured, finding love again is incredibly common.

According to Statistics New Zealand, roughly one-third of marriages in this country end in divorce.

This is fruitless.” Burke also strongly advocates forgiving your ex-partner too, to “nullify the debt you feel they owe you.” Not dealing with these issues first only ensures you’ll carry excess emotional baggage into your next serious relationship.

But, most importantly, divorced singles just need to keep their chins up; there’s not much in the world more stressful than a divorce, but getting through to the other side will make you stronger in the long run. Whether it’s work, the family, or just a hectic social schedule keeping you busy, we know that adding dating to the mix doesn’t make life any simpler.

Meeting these people first and foremost should give you the best chance possible of a long and happy future together, though you can browse through additional profiles using our 'Have you met...' feature too… The Kiwi singles who make use of our services to find long-lasting love are intelligent, mature and - very often - divorced and ready to find love again.

Elite Singles is proud to say that over 91% of our users hold a university degree, and the average age of our users is mid-forties, with members typically ranging between 30-55 years old.

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We’re well aware that – especially if you’ve been married for many years – you might feel like you’ve been out of the dating game for a long time.As long as you’re after a long-lasting relationship, Elite Singles can find a match that works for you.