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The third digit designating the number of doors was dropped from model designations in 1983.

The more powerful 360 arrived that year with two 2.0 litre engine choices, the 95 PS (70 k W) B19A and the 115 PS (85 k W) B19E, also from Volvo.

A famous advertisement for the 300 series in the late 1980s saw a crash test dummy "come alive", and drive a 340 out of a second floor factory window, nose-diving into the concrete ground.

From 1987 on, incremental improvements in features and emissions control were made.

Production of the 360 came to an end in 1990, while the 340 was discontinued in 1991, despite the fact it had supposedly been replaced by the Volvo 440 in 1987.

The last ever car of the Volvo 300 series (a white Volvo 340) rolled off the production line on 13 March 1991, three years after the launch of the 400-series.

A new Renault F-series 82 PS (60 k W; 81 hp) 1.7 litre petrol engine (designated the B172) was introduced in the 340 during the summer of 1985, following the range facelift, along with a 340 version of the saloon, which was only available with the new engine.

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Volvo also experimented with LPG tanks, a feature of which was made available in 1979 with the Volvo 343 and 345 but they were limited in LPG availability.

During 1980 larger wrap around bumpers were introduced.