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John Wooster 535 Brainard Stebbins 537 Phoebe Lavinia (Stebbins) Wight.... Ann Marv (Stebbins) Briggs 539 Cortland Bliss Stebbins 539 Home of Cortland Bliss Stebbins, Adrian, Mich 539 Francois Rene Stebbins and Wife. 543 Group — Francois Bene Stebbins and Wife, Children, Grandchildren 543 Francois Eene Stebbins 545 Mrs.

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Martha Haynes Stebbins 587 Carlton Luke Stebbins 589 Mrs. Baker Stebbins 589 Homestead of Carlton Luke Stebbins. ALIEN COUNTY PUULIC LIBBARr ( 3 1833 01431 7983 REYNOLDS HISTORICAL GENEALOGY COLLECTION Gc 929.2 St31g v.l 1134311 .-^.^ MIL 3ENEAI-0 GY COi XECTito N ' JVJ^ ^ Ui C 3ENEAUOCV COu CECTib N I eri FIELD LINE MAP OF HOME-LOTS, LONGMEADOTV STREET. The general characteristics of the family, as gleaned from the returns received, seem to include a deep re- ligious sentiment, unobtrusive manners, thrift and frugality. Every member of the Stebbins Family should feel indebted to Mr. "We wish to express our thanks to the Newberry and Chicago Public libraries for the many coiirtesies extended during the compilation of this work. We crave the indulgence of the Stebbins Family for any inaccuracies, omis- sions or errors which may have occurred. First Generation °1 Second Generation "" Third Generation 84 Fourth Generation . Several thousand descendants of the Stebbins Family have been furnished with blanks to be filled out with data concerning their families, but many of these have failed to respond to our communications. 5019] for his careful supervision of the half-tone work, by which much better results were secured than could otherwise have been obtained. Claypool, Genealogist (Honorary Vice-President of the Old Northwest Genealogical Society), under whose personal supervision this work was compiled. CONTENTS Note==At the end of Volume II will be found a complete alphabetical index of persons by name of Stebbins, names other than Stebbins, and an index of places. Paule, Essex County, 1597 32 Will of Edward Stebbinge of Woodham Mortimer, Essex County, 1619 33 Will of Edward Stebbinge [Jr.] of Woodham Mortimer, Essex County, 1619 34 Will of John Stebbinge of Fynchingefolde, Essex County, 15-17 37 Coat of Arms 49 Stebbins Emigrants ^^ STEBBINS IN AMERICA. 399 Joseph Stebbins 401 Theodore Stebbins 401 Joel Dickinson Stebbins 401 Barn and Granary on Homestead of Festus Stebbins 403 Back View of House of Festus Steb- bins 403 Dining Room in Homestead of Festua Stebbins 405 Parlor in Homestead of Festus Steb- bing 405 Commission of Festus Stebbins 407 Commission of Quartus Stebbins 409 Commission of Quartus Stebbins 411 Lemuel Stebbins 413 Mrs. (Kinney) Stebbins 637 Home of Homer Pease Stebbins 637 Henry Alfred Stebbins 645 Nathan Sj'lvester Stebbins and Wife. 645 Amanda Stebbins Whipple 651 Francis Jackson Whipple 651 Jennie E. (^\^lipple) Newton 651 Group — Amanda (Stebbins) Whipple, Lorene (Stebbins) Clark, Lot Dun- ham Stebbins, Chloe Rachel (Steb- bins) Carr, Matilda L.

Edwin Stebbins 631 James Stebbins 631 Charles Stebbins 631 Mrs. Ingraham Hickey 631 Charles Merrick Stebbins 637 Homer Pease Stebbins 637 Sarah E. Lorene (Stebbins) Clark 655 Silas Clark and Grandchildren, Olive L. Underhill 655 Byron Wallace Stebbins 655 Homer Sheridan Stebbins 655 Elbert Clyde Stebbins 657 Mrs. A, 1024; B, 1052; C, 1055; D, 1059; E, 1070; F, 1089; G, 1090; H, 1095; I, 1098; J, 1098; L, 1114; M, 1117; N, 1131; O, 1133; P, 1133; R, 1133; S, 1138; T, 1157; W. Amia (Pierce) Stebbins 261 Levi Stebbins 261 Tthamar Stebbins 277 Deborah Stebbins 277 Sarah Bliss (Stebbins) Foster 277 Sophia E. 413 Mills of Lemuel Stebbins 413 Rufus Blodgett Stebbins 415 Mrs.

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