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11-May-2016 04:05

At the time of the Spitzer scandal there was a rumour that the prostitute had another client who was a governor with a high powered wife.'I was hoping that the New York Post would print that it was me,' Rendell said, 'and then I was going to own the New York Post. I have my failings, but she was pretty confident that I didn’t go to a prostitute.'Mr Rendell left the governor's office last month after two terms in the job.

Prior to that, he was the popular mayor of Philadelphia for eight years.

Frankly, I’d expect that sort of wide-eyed worship from fifth-graders, not their teachers, but what do I know?

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"When I read it in the article, I said, 'Did I say that?Alerted that the singer was working out in a local gym, admirers apparently raced to catch a glimpse.Among them, according to reports, were two adoring fifth-grade teachers who drove an hour to see the rocker hired by Donald Trump.Do modern educated women really aspire to be beauty queens?

) and the father of eight’s involvement with a midstate resident a decade his junior. The other heart-stopping news concerned a Father’s Day visit by Bret Michaels.

Last year the Governor shrugged off accusations that he was engaged in an affair with government employee and beauty pageant winner Dr Kirstin Snow.