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VPNs not only secure communication between two devices, but they also create a virtual channel that data can traverse.In this section, we examine two primary VPN architectures: site-to-site and remote access.Internet site-to-site VPNs also offer a cost and availability benefit over private site-to-site links, making them a good choice for securing data, especially when performance is not a major concern.The Internet site-to-site VPNs can also serve as a backup link to private links, in the event the private link should fail.The disadvantages of full mesh VPNs are the complexity of implementation (because all sites must be interconnected), the inability to scale, and the management overhead associated with maintaining all of the VPNs.Partial mesh VPNs are a hybrid of hub and spoke and full mesh, and they attempt to combine the advantages of each model, as depicted in Figure 10-4.

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IPsec VPNs are sometimes confused with Layer 2 or Layer 3 VPNs, which do not actually encrypt the data, but rather tunnel the traffic that flows through the VPNs; however, IPsec VPNs are VPNs that provide encryption and authentication to secure traffic.

There has also been a great deal of development when it comes to new IPsec features since , so we examine some of these new features and how they can improve the functionality that the SRX has to offer when it comes to IPsec.

After a thorough discussion of the technology and the implementation of the IPsec VPNs on the SRX, we examine verification and troubleshooting features and conclude with some case studies to provide you with a few real-world implementation examples.

The SRX product suite combines the robust IP Security virtual private network (IPsec VPN) features from Screen OS into the legendary networking platform of Junos.

IPsec VPNs have become a central component of modern computer networks for securing the data between different sites and remote users.

Although the underlying technologies are essentially the same, the manner in which the VPNs interconnect varies between the different models.

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