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While it was never claimed that the women were the best of friends (they did not even know each other before being paired up by TV guru Pat Llewellyn), it was thought they were rather fond of each other. ‘I never minded sitting in the sidecar when she drove, even if I knew she was on her second bottle of vodka,’ she said in an interview, pointing out that since she herself had driven while drunk, it was no big deal.

And they certainly stayed in touch once the cameras stopped rolling.

Because Trump's out there personally telling everybody how impressed he was with Petreaus, and yet here comes Romney trooping in for dinner number two.

You know, steal her from the Hillary camp, put her over at the weight loss division at Health and Human Services or something.

She could manage to stop drinking for Lent (although she did drink angostura bitters in her tonic, which was kind of defeating the object) but she wouldn’t pass up a drink to make Clarissa feel more comfortable. Eventually, a different hotel was the answer.’‘She once got stopped by a policeman for parking her motorbike on double yellow lines.

She boomed at him, in that big voice, “I am a spinster of Westminster and you are a mere boy, so off you go on your beat.

Then she got a job providing lunches at The Spectator magazine, where she thought nothing of interrupting high-level debates with the then editor, Peregrine Worsthorne, with her own forthright views.

David John Firth (born 23 January 1983) is an English animator, writer, musician, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, video artist, and broadcaster.Although Clarissa adored her mother, her relationship with her father — a surgeon to the royal household — was fraught.

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