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29-Nov-2016 10:34

It's not the website's fault that people are liars, cheaters, and scammers. I began to do some digging and saw that the guy had ads posted on several sites on the internet, posting for sexual contact with other males.

One guy I met was an alcoholic who couldn't keep a job and was trying to get over a long-term girlfriend who had dumped him. And he used the SAME online name (and photos) on all the sites. The next day he texted me, asking if I wanted to come over to snuggle and watch a movie. The most recent guy I met on the site has become a good friend.

Registering with Ok Cupid is a total waste of time and you will be sorry for your experience. As for the other guy stating this company was created by, he's probably right.

This site seems to be launched to screw people, out of around 100 so called 'top recommended matches' I only found 1 person which really exists, all other guys went into excuses when it came to set up video chats, one hacked my email account and others tried to get money after a couple of phone calls. I believe there are a few moderators on this site that stop me from receiving my messages. Most of these websites should just call themselves back page and put up an ad.

I spent most of my time reporting men for fake photos, locations etc...

It has been hacked and infiltrated by a lot of people from Africa who are "gold diggers", by travelers who work out there in the world and whose address is vague.

Frightening because he had two minor children living at home that I suspected he'd taken from their mom in the divorce by coercion. Not bad looking but short (which he was honest about in his profile). We e-mailed on OKC for several months then he decided he was getting off because he was having no luck and he said he was tired of seeing all the weapons and naked pics.

In another instance, I went on one date with a guy. Jeans and a polo-style shirt but expensive material. He lives several hours away and we e-mail frequently.

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When I complained to OKC about this they pushed it off onto to me stating that "I" have a scammer problem and that "I" needed to block these people. I paid to join their Premium Service and sent out over 600 emails and got 3 responses.The transfer of funds is complicated, but I was scammed! Too many women looking for a hookup or a man who has money. I was on this site for a little while, things were going ok and then all the sudden my account was suspended. I didn't use foul language, be unkind to anyone or be offensive. The site says I violated policies but did not explain. I did get the impression this site is very sex oriented and that's not what I am looking for.Am in contact with, an arm of the FBI dealing with Internet crime. When I respond to an "interest" their profile is deleted. It's sad how the online ** take advantage of people when all they want to do is meet someone. Was told that my account had been deactivated as I violated terms of service. They don't care about their customers, whether you're paying or not. Personally I would not recommend this site to anyone who is looking to find serious people. And since they are non-responsive, I had to take matters into my own hands.Well, my 1 month subscription ended yesterday, and within 8 hours I miraculously received a total of 10 more likes...

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Yes, over 30 days I received 4, but after my subscription ended, somehow I received 10 more.During our one conversation, he began making bigoted comments about the LGBT community. After I ended the call, I blocked him online and on my phone.