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21-Mar-2015 11:10

The Economic and Social Research Institute published a report in 2010 based on a review of nearly 100 scholarly works on single-sex and coeducation which concluded that "attitudes to subject areas may become more gender-stereotyped in a coeducational setting." That's no surprise since single-gender classrooms are intentionally designed to break down gender stereotypes.Talk to our students and our graduates and they'll tell you about the value of learning in an environment where competitive and collaborative spirits are unleashed in the absence of gender-based expectations.

Conversely, opponents claim single-sex education perpetuates traditional gender roles and “legitimizes institutional sexism,” while neuroscientists refute the merits of gender differences between girl and boy brains.

And rather than creating more equitable schools for nonwhite students, some critics compare separating boys and girls to racially segregated schooling.

The disputes pitting ardent supporters against fervent detractors have done little to dampen popularity, however.

That number jumped 25-fold in 10 years: reported in 2014 that 850 schools nationwide had single-sex programs.

With participation apparently on the upswing, the Department of Education’s civil-rights division offered guidelines on single-sex classes to K-12 public schools last year.

Defenders of same-sex schools hold fast to the belief that girls and boys benefit from separate academic instruction.