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13-Jun-2014 17:03

Users can request more photos, and all trace of their information is deleted an hour after it is shown. Like the other apps listed above, there are proximity and other controls in place to ensure you can find someone in your immediate area for fun. Confidential user feedback is mandatory and is used to ban those who don’t show up for arranged meetings, use misleading pictures, or violate the terms and conditions.( So there you have it, five sex obsessed social media apps that might just get you laid.Sure some horny users probably just want a convenient hookup, but this app also allows us to see if that “sexual tension” is just in our own head, or shared by a buddy.( This is one of those apps that started with a friendly, almost wholesome business model.( Grindr is another product of our sex obsessed social media driven culture.The app is widely known as a place for gay, bi-sexual, and bi-curious hookups.( So what happens when a one-on-one hookup isn’t enough?A new app called 3nder is using social media and proximity matching to arrange threesomes.

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3nder is currently accepting “invitation requests” but has not yet launched an open public beta version.Find people with similar interest via Facebook and then meet up to see if you click.Users select a range of requirements, for example, the distance between the user and potential matches, and the age range they will accept.Yet, Grindr has always billed itself as a play to meet “find a new date, buddy, or friend.” Much like Tindr, users of the service set age and proximity requirements and then browse profiles for potential matches.

It is easy to see how the app could be deemed a hookup app, the products marketing features half of the men with their shirts off as they stare into the camera.Meet and interact LIVE with thousands of free cam girls from around the world.