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21-Jun-2015 06:26

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Image credit: the Advocacy Center Know that the technical definition or perceived validity of your experience matter so much less than your feelings and reactions to the abuse.

Any physical abuse whatsoever (unless desired and agreed upon by both partners, e.g., with a “safe word”) is completely and totally unacceptable. There are many reasons why you may be led to doubt yourself.Fast answer: If it’s the sort of treatment you wouldn’t tolerate for one second directed at a friend, it’s probably not healthy and might be abusive.Of course, this sort of black-and-white logic can be hard to apply to your own intimate relationships.It’s especially difficult when you go to the same school as your abuser and have no choice but to eat in the same dining hall, study at the same library, attend the same classes, or participate in the same extracurricular activities.

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Know that you have the right to be safe, and that your school has a legal obligation under Title IX to ensure that you can safely continue your education.

Partners & Friends have been socializing and sparking romance across Western Australia since 2002 by hosting singles events for local business people and single professionals in Perth, Perth North, Perth South, Peel Region and Bunbury/South West.

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