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07-Feb-2017 13:10

Surprise, surprise, it's one of those fake accounts that advertises crap products: weight loss pills, precious metals trading.It tries to pass as legit by alternating its crapvertising with entries composed by other LJ users.He had planned on that DNA test being negative and having Jake Kane actually be Veronica's biological father. You know, I've read lots and lots of VM fic (as you can probably tell from my recs), but I've never come across anything like that.Sure would have been more interesting in Season Two with the Kanes involved but that's just my opinion! I wish I had, too, because that really does sound very interesting.(FYI if you add the symbol to the end of a link, it provides you a preview of where the link goes to.)Other communities I'm a member of had several similar spambot entries posted to them today, which the mods quickly deleted.The entries contained random, auto-generated text fragments in Russian & English, plus either the black & white image "kolmogorov455.jpg" of pre-calculus in Russian (shown at right) or a color photograph of a stack of books (which I didn't right-click save).Please help all of us by hovering your cursor over each userhead in the list to ban and report them.The more reports LJ admins receive from as many different people as possible, the faster the bots are suspended.


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I reported the links to [email protected] spam because bitly.com/ 1xs5Slb and bitly.com/ 1v5v Eg T both go to the domain ab-ap.kozar.id, which returns a 404.

Known accounts [reported on this post at This is not Kisumai related, but LJ related and very serious issue so I'm making a small mod post about it.