Intimidating shout glyph

26-Nov-2014 03:18

Cata has enough room that there are at least a couple of places where Intimidating Shout can be used and send mobs scurrying.

Glyph it, though, and prot warriors can worry a whole lot less about the effectiveness of their CCers--any party can burn down a lot of mob in the duration of charge, shock wave and intimidating shout. I know that fear traditionally generats a ton of agro so IS could keep a DPSing warrior uncomfortably high on a number of agro tables, but glyphed it can go along way to help "solve" the problem of warrior CC.

Heroic Leap isn't available yet and Raging Blow is up there. I would like to see a prime glyph (maybe only major) that gives us a reliable fear that can act as a CC. Now that would give us something very reliable as a PVE CC, yet not imbalanced for Pv P.

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