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Best known for his work as Lancel Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones and Jerome in House of Anubis, he is the only actor in his family having started at a young age.Eugene has spent the past three years between his home in London and his new life in Los Angeles.It’s in the south of England, and I literally was absolutely in love with it when I first arrived. ES: I left boarding school last year when I was 18 having done my subjects — English, French, and Spanish — so I left boarding school and literally the day I left I went straight up to Liverpool to start rehearsing for the first series of , so I was absolutely thrilled and two weeks later, I packed my bags and came straight up to carry on and work, which was nice, but I missed out on uni, which is a bit unfortunate, but hopefully next year I’ll give that a go. When I was a child I used to love listening to a specific poet and writer, and his name’s Roald Dahl and he was essentially the utter source of my inspiration when I was very, very young.The people were so much nicer and so much more friendly so I would say the majority of my schooling was done away from home, really, which is why doing is fairly easy for me, because I think I’m the only one who actually went to boarding school. I used to listen to his poems every day in the car on the way to school with my mum, and one day I was with my mum listening to them and I stopped the tape in the car and I said to my mum, ‘Mum, I’m gonna recite all those poems to you’ and I did.’ in a sort of vindictive way, that keeps you in a very depressed state of mind. It was the right thing to do, really, and again, as I said, I had so much support from my parents and from other people that it sort of got me back on my feet.I tried as much as possible to look on the bright side of things but finally all my friends turned against me without any real cause and I just thought ‘I can’t really fight this fight’ and I’d never said anything to my parents so I almost felt weak about telling my parents, but finally I just thought ‘I can’t take it any more’ and I did and I left and that’s when I moved to Downside and I have some of my happiest memories from Downside. I’m not in any way upset that it happened because it made me a lot better in many ways, I don’t really know how to describe how, but it made me much more aware of how people work. Do you read the blogs and what people are saying online? ES: I haven’t signed up for a particular website, but I keep track from my laptop of what people say about us and, I mean, so far I’ve seen nothing but positive feedback.

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Eugene is a British actor, born and raised in the UK with strong Irish roots.But in terms of the best times I had growing up, the countryside is more for me, really.