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09-Feb-2015 05:32

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She pays up – again, via EFT – and that’s the end of it: her tablet never arrives and her money is gone.

She’s hardly mollified by the fact that she didn’t pay the additional R2 050 demanded by the “couriers” to release her package. While we go about our everyday lives, using the unimaginably huge resource called the internet to do our banking, communicate with friends and family, explore new relationships, invest our hard-earned cash, book our holidays and buy all manner of stuff online, people on the other side of the world – or perhaps at the next table in our local coffee shop – are doing their best to ruin our day.

Bank account-related scams (which rely largely on so-called phishing strategies) are a breed on their own, and, fortunately, most people are sufficiently savvy to avoid them.

“We are constantly sending out tips and warnings to our members, because the scams are constantly evolving.As for loneliness and compassion, the cases of relationships that have flourished on social media and email and then turned out to be honey traps set to separate people from their money are legion.

He starts young (incredibly around the time of the 1962 eclipse – ); is incredibly influential, especially with high profile influential people; has not, until very recently, allowed himself to be too much in the public arena; is on numerous executive boards (is this the future form of 'government'?… continue reading »

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