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But these obstacles of form might be relatively simple to overcome (presumably a film could dispense with Lockwood and Nelly, though much would be lost).By contrast, the content of the book—the nature of its characters, and the lethal cocktail of psychology, destiny, and coincidence that Emily Brontë has brewed to ensure her protagonists’ downfall—is exceedingly difficult to capture.But he is never the purely innocent victim, the sweetly brooding romantic rebel: the Hollywood hero.He is charismatic but intensely unpleasant, as is Catherine, and their mutual attraction is based partly on their inability or unwillingness to conform to the dictates of civilized society—social forms that go beyond good manners to include such “ordinary” moral qualities as kindness, generosity, and conscience.Like most previous adaptations, Arnold’s film ends soon after Cathy’s death.We see Heathcliff gaining possession of Wuthering Heights, but are spared the novel’s disturbing portrayal of a second generation—Cathy’s daughter and Heathcliff’s son—living in squalid circumstances, bullied and tyrannized by Heathcliff.Transplanted from the rainy Pacific Northwest to even rainier rural England, deftly substituting a ghost for a vampire, the film contains many of the elements that made the screen version of Stephenie Meyer’s novel such a hit: repressed adolescent passion, self-denial, questions of masculinity, sexual competition, renunciation, romance thwarted by restrictive tribal loyalties.

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juliette binoche and ralph fiennes dating-12

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In what is perhaps the most talked-about aspect of Arnold’s adaptation, Heathcliff’s racial identity has been altered; he is no longer a gypsy, but is black.Some of the problems involved in bringing Wuthering Heights to the screen result from its sheer formal complexity that makes the book at once more bizarre and more plausible than a straightforward narrative might be.

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