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04-Dec-2016 12:54

Launched in 1999, Makeoutclub introduced features and concepts (such as customizable user profiles with photos and interests sections), which later became standard in the social networking sites that followed Makeoutclub (or MOC), was created by Gibby Miller and run from his Boston bedroom while attending Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA.

The MVP/beta version of the site was launched in August, 1999.

This version of the site was hosted privately, the URL given to friends to "leak" for testing purposes before launch.

Users submitted a "profile" via email to the admins of the site, who then hand-coded the users information into a small profile box that appeared on numbered pages, 10 users per page, divided by "Girls" and "Boys.

(2007) 4.0: Version 4.0 was an entirely new platform, and offered users their own individual profile pages with comments, blogs, and the ability to add and display friends.

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There were alternative boys in dirty Converse who claimed to play in bands. I was sure no one would swipe for me today when I did my vamp-y purple lip, Heroine by MAC.Somehow, even to other lesbians she didn't seem like a "proper" lesbian because she was a feminine woman looking to be with another feminine woman.