Main file updating failed operation canceled 3ds max

30-Nov-2016 04:52

main file updating failed operation canceled 3ds max-32

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--Open the dialog at the current path (sysinfo.currentdir): the Name = get MAXOpen File Name() --Open the dialog at c:\temp and use current file name the Name = get MAXOpen File Name dir:"c:\temp" --Open the dialog at "c:\temp\" and filter by pattern "test*.max" --The user must click a specific file if the pattern contains wildcards the Name = get MAXOpen File Name filename:"c:\temp\test*.max" --Open the dialog at "c:\temp\" and set the file name to "test.max" --The user can click the Open button to get the specified file name if it exists.the Name = get MAXOpen File Name filename:"c:\temp\test.max" , the saved file is not set as the current scene file and the file is not put in the Most Recently Used list.It's not a fast internet connection I am working from, so have to wait a while to see if that file uploads well. It contains remarks about expecting different file sizes.Before settting these timeout values, the error would have already occurred. Such as since the 8.1 server update i'm having exactly the same problem.I have changed the settings in apache2under /etc/apache2 & restarted the apache2 service.The upload is currently running with version 1.7.1 and no error so-far on the 562MB Zip file. The issue did occur right after I made my above remarks. However they are from this morning (, etc..) even while the client is currently trying to resync every couple of minutes or so, so I would expect some new lines be added.This lets you save a backup file of the scene to a different name without the name becoming the current one or appearing on the list of recent files.3D_Studio 3D_Studio_Shape Adobe_Illustrator_Shape Auto CADImport FBXIMP STL_Import File Link As Dwg Importer mental_ray_Import IGES_Import Wavefront_Object Vrml Imp Import TRC Lightscape_Importer XMLImp2 Import HTR Inventor Import Land XML___DEM_Model_Import Wavefront_Material provides a value of 2010, the resulting file will be saved in the specified version's file format. If any other value is specified, or if not specified at all, the current version's file format will be used. The function itself does NOT perform any saving, it only issues the prompt if the scene has been modified and returns the user's decision about further actions.

main file updating failed operation canceled 3ds max-65

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So I emptied the cache folder and reïnitiated a sync.

Sync for folder "own Cloud" already scheduled, do not enqueue!