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09-Apr-2016 00:21

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has a giant touchscreen - 21.5 inches and 1080p - on the front and packs a small camera that lets you see what’s inside while you’re at the grocery store.It’s also the first third-party home appliance to feature Amazon Alexa, the digital voice assistant in Amazon Echo.(US9) was met with mixed reaction when it was unveiled at CES, but the company's second attempt at a fitness watch is a big improvement in style over its predecessor and it's a whole lot smarter, too.

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(US.99) is more than what it seems: It teaches pre-schoolers the basics of learning to code.The app also houses articles, tips and resources, as well as distractions such as videos and other visuals while women wait for test results., a device filled with several features you’d typically find on higher-end models.It has an always-on e-ink screen (rare for an inexpensive tracker!SCi O can analyze substances based on how their molecules interact with light.

The SCi O scanner is available for US9, while the app is free to download but requires a monthly US fee. While it's designed for babies - allowing parents to take readings in the middle of the night without disturbing the little one - it works just as well on adults. The Thermo is placed just above the temporal artery, found at both temples on the forehead (now considered by medical institutions to be the most accurate spot to get a temperature reading).might be the solution to wasteful water consumption in the tub.

"I had a broken engagement two years prior, and I needed to be very sure this time.… continue reading »

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Participants in discussion forums, chat rooms, debates and similar on the Swedbank web site must only submit materials to which they hold the copyright or materials where they have in some way obtained this right.… continue reading »

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Bad websites: Prepare to get shot in the face a la John Wick. This year there's less emphasis on using Over-The-Top websites—mostly because I've separated them into their own document The 12 Worst Over-The-Top Websites of 2014—and started discussing mobile mistakes along with more serious design flaws.… continue reading »

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The Gas City Police Department reached out to ISP for assistance after Rheam’s roommate came home, found her body and called Gas City Police about a.m., according to an ISP release.… continue reading »

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This software is aimed at identifying and deterring millions of potential offenders.… continue reading »

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Below you’ll find what they are and why you should be concerned: Chatroulette: When users log on to Chatroulette, the can have 1-on-1 webcam chats with other users — no credit cards, passwords, or other hurdles to logging in.… continue reading »

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