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25-Sep-2014 08:28

Being asexual does not mean one cannot or does not take part in sexual activities.

I used to think that I couldn’t be asexual because I masturbate. Asexuality is all about attraction, not action, it’s an orientation, not behavior.

Your child may not do it as often if any associated power struggles or unhappiness are remedied.

By age 5 or 6, most children can learn some discretion and will masturbate only in private.

A quick word about pronouns: We are very grateful to Kim Kalestky, Bauer Mc Clave, and Levi Back for speaking so openly with us about their asexuality.

When a bisexual has an orgasm, it’s not a “bisexual orgasm”. Why would the asexual orientation somehow get canceled out by an orgasm? Doesn’t using them mean the person is attracted to the anatomical part it’s a facsimile of? Anatomically correct toys are designed that way because that shape is obviously quite effective at achieving the desired stimulation. (Not to mention that the thought of the imaginary naked woman in any pose never really did anything for me…) The one that’s come the closest to working is imagining myself demonstrating how I masturbate to someone else, which isn’t really much of a fantasy and usually just leads to me dropping the other person and going back to just thinking “That feels good”.

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Others are reacting to punishment or pressure to stop masturbation completely. Irritation in the genital area causes pain or itching; it does not cause masturbation. Once your child discovers masturbation, he or she will seldom stop doing it completely.

Just because I’m asexual doesn’t mean that it’s somehow okay to ask me that. A straight person is still straight even if they don’t touch themselves now and then. Certainly, masturbation is a sexual activity performed using sexual organs and it produces a sexual response.

That is an extremely personal question and is quite rude to ask. A gay person doesn’t engage in some sort of homosexual masturbation. You can’t perform sexual acts and still be asexual.

A child may masturbate as often as several times each day or just once a week.

Masturbation occurs more commonly when a child is sleepy, bored, watching television, or under stress. Occasional masturbation is a normal behavior of many toddlers and preschoolers.

Well, this is certainly different for different people, but here’s some things I think about: Furniture. For instance, they may imagine a person with a mouth performing oral sex on them.

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