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Otherwise, you can choose to buy Part A by paying a monthly premium.

In 2015, this amounts to 7 a month if you have fewer than 30 work credits, or 4 a month for 30 to 39 credits.

If you're already receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits when you become eligible for Medicare, SSA will automatically sign you up for Medicare Parts A and B, and you'll receive your ID card through the mail. Call Social Security at 800-772-1213 or go to the Social Security website.

Note that if you're not already receiving Social Security benefits at age 65, you will not be notified when it's time for you to enroll in Medicare.

In all these situations, postponing Medicare enrollment could bring serious consequences (delayed coverage and late penalties), as explained in the section headed "What happens if you miss your enrollment deadline." Back to top Knowing when to enroll is critical, because there's no single "right" time.

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For example: In these circumstances, even if the online enrollment allows you to sign up, you will still be required to send documents to Social Security through the mail or (if you don't want to entrust them to the mail) take them to a Social Security office.

And you shouldn't hang around waiting for the government to send a letter telling you that it's time to sign up for Medicare.

It won't happen — unless you already receive Social Security benefits, in which case you'll be signed up automatically just before your 65th birthday.

In the case of documents that are not easily replaced (such as green cards), you must take them to the local office.

Back to top Turning 65 when living overseas can be tricky.

Note that you may qualify for Medicare younger than 65 if you have disabilities and meet certain conditions. That time frame specifically allows people who are already in Medicare the option to change their coverage for the following year if they want to.