Misadventures in dating

01-Sep-2015 05:06

Host Melani Robinson digs deep with guests to get to the heart of their heart while seeking humor in the absurdity that often accompanies love (or lack thereof). She was seeking a man that could check all the boxes.

Last night for instance, I was talking to this dude online and he first e-mailed with, “What put you in the chair?

What I find particularly interesting though, is how when you have a disability wherein you require a wheelchair, and you are in a dating/hook up scenario, your potential partner has no problem telling you that your disability is the issue.

Moreover, they’ll tell you and then follow it with: “Oh, but I’m just being honest.

It’s virtually impossible to have a “normal” first date when you have a disability.

I am starting to honestly consider the fact that one’s first date with a cripple of my caliber (wheelchair and all) is more or less a health survey of sorts.◊♦◊I just had a first meeting with a guy I met online. How can you be sitting on my couch and just blurt that shiz out?” (Already, I was annoyed because I hate that it is socially acceptable for one to have been ‘put in their chair’ via an accident, because that means they were once ‘normal’, but to be born with a disability, makes one an alien of the greenest hue.) I let that go and said I had Cerebral Palsy (as we all know, the sexiest of the Palsies – sorry Bell’s Palsy – maybe next year. At this point, I was actually surprised and taken aback by the response I got.

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