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17-Apr-2016 16:36

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Compliments and the like will affect these, good conversation and jokes as well. Sims with no sense of humor will show evidence of these, and if you try romantic interactions too early in a relationship you'll also see these. Use a Smooth Recovery or Apologize to get the conversation back on track. Does anybody know how i can get them back together again?

It's one thing to chat, but Sims can really form bonds with a deep conversation. Don't repeat those social interactions too many times, unless you have the Never Dull Lifetime Reward or your Sim has the Charismatic trait. if you do ctrl alt C, type in testingcheatsenabled true.

It never said you should make them straight either.

In fact it even says "At any point that your Sim can pull off the Propose Going Steady Social Interaction, they can become a Girlfriend or Boyfriend (Partner)." Not "your sim has to be a boy to have a girlfriend".

But on a date he invited her to, I tried to flirt with him to make them more than friends, But he denied, and when I waved over him face in relationships, He had a girlfriend.

But when I asked him the first time if he was in a relationship, he said no.

At various levels the Sims' relationship status will change.

Note that if your Sim doesn't interact with another for a time their relationship will start to decay.

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This dynamic of the Sims 3's socializing system allows us to see how our Sim's interactions are being taken, and their impact on the other Sim's feelings.

Anyway if you know that they can be gay why do you have to have them explicitly mention it?

Well hello friends, my Sims name is Metanni, and she had a slight crush on another sim and they dated, and they flirted, and they were almost up to alluring.

Romantic Moods: Flirty, Alluring, Extremely Irresistible. These are pretty much all found under the Romantic section of the Social Interactions interface. then, go to your relationships, shift click on the bar under the ex-girlfriend and move all the way to the right. you can then "flirt" and move the relationship forward I've looking to see if you mention that, if you wish, you can make your Sims gay.

Are you trying to hide the fact that Sims start off as basically bisexual, or have I missed a mention of homosexuality somewhere on this website?

Then you will control him as well as Metanni and can have him dump his girlfriend.