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Eric and I continue to blossom and thrive in our relationship.Talking of the future and gathering ideas (and dreams) for a bigger house, for us and room for his children to visit/stay.I have found joy watching him and his company grow as he gets closer to actually producing his product.While that brings him happiness as well, he has also found a new barn for Monty that he feels that his horse is in good hands when he is out of town.But I know I tend to assume "buddy" energy when I'm nervous so it might have been that. Not exactly the kind of excitement and passion the idealistic romantic in me wants, but I'm told that chemistry doesn't always happen instantly and if I honestly look at the guys in the past I've had instant chemistry with, that should tell me it's not the most important thing in the world. If I was working for my old employer, I would be worn out beyond belief; thinking about Eric in addition to being concerned about missing work and wondering what I would come back to at the office. Waiting for them to take you (or him in this case) to the operating room. I have been in this big room by myself for the past hour.

I didn't know, but suggested he could go to therapy just for fun if he wanted to find out.My mind can finally be at peace – I just finished talking with the surgeon – almost 3 hours later. There were some issues getting the old hardware out, including a stubborn screw, but he is officially free of the faulty part that caused him to have the second surgery.In case you are wondering, he had FPL (flexor pollicis longus) tendon reconstruction with allograft (aka a cadaver tendon) and removal of hardware. You can come back now” but still the same effect of happiness in my heart. hu·man·i·ty noun : the quality or state of being human : the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals : all people I forewarn you – this post combines a multitude of things and will be scattered, but if you read my blog normally – would you expect anything less from me?All the work will still be there when I get back tomorrow. I love him and wouldn’t think twice to drop everything to help him.

Especially knowing that he will be there for me when the time comes.Today – I grateful that I can respond to a few work emails (mainly because I was bored) and then concentrate on Eric. His rehabilitation will take time – anywhere from two to three months but it will be worth it.